Pasadena Surf Trips


I am excited to offer intermediate to advanced level surf trips for surfers in the Pasadena area over the Summer of 2019. These trips are intended for surfers who are already confident in the water, and want to take their abilities to the next level. What makes these surf trips special is that I will take my students to where the waves are best based on the day’s conditions. Having access to some of the best waves in Southern California will allow my students to progress faster and get the most out every session. I will be providing guidance on paddling, wave selection, and surfing technique. I am confident in my ability to help my students expand their skill set while emphasizing safety as my number one priority.


Monday June 24th until Thursday September 5th. I will be running trips on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with a few select exceptions over the summer (please see attached calendar below for all dates and exceptions). Private and group lessons can be scheduled on all other days.


The main surf breaks that I intend to cycle between on these trips are San Onofre, Doheny, Sunset Point and Malibu. These waves are great beginner to intermediate level breaks that offer long rides and a fantastic canvas for progression in one’s abilities. Trips to more challenging waves are also an option should the group skill level be appropriate.


 Pick up / Drop off:  8 am and 4 pm at Jefferson Park in Pasadena. Other pick up locations/times and extended care can be arranged if necessary.

 Surfers must bring:

  • Lunch and Snacks

  • (Reusable) Water Bottle

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen (Manda or Headhunter brands recommended)

  • Wetsuit (If a student does not have their own and wants a wetsuit for the day, we can rent a suit from a nearby surf shop for an extra $15)  

Surfers should also bring:

  • Hat

  • Sweater (mornings and post-surf)

  • Sunglasses

  • Books (for the drive)

I will provide:

  • Transportation ( I have a perfect driving record)

  • Boards (if needed: surfers are wecome to bring their own if they have one)

  • Coaching and supervision in the water

  • Extra water to refill bottles

 Cost for day trip: Student Limit per day is 3

-$160 per day/per student with 3 students

-$175 per day/per student with 2 students

-$255 for 1 student (private day trip)

 Reservations: I am accepting reservations for the listed days on the attached calendar below. The cost to reserve a spot on a day trip is $160 (the cost of a 3 student day). The calendar will be updated when students sign up so you can see which days are filling up.

To reserve a day, please email or call me:

Email: Cell: (626)755-0805

 LINK TO CALENDAR: Summer Advanced Lessons

Payments: I accept payments in the form of cash, check or venmo (please note: there is 3% charge if you use a credit card to send $ with venmo. There is no charge when using a debit card).


  • If you make a booking in advance and the day doesn’t fill up with any other students (it turns into a private day), I am open to rescheduling to another day with more students if cost is an issue. If you are ok with paying the increased cost of a private day, I will run a private day trip.

  •  If you make a booking and another student is signed up for the day, I ask that you please honor the $20 price increase for a two-student day on the day of the lesson so that the other student’s plans are not affected last minute. If this is an issue for you, please let me know ahead of time.

*All students and their legal guardians must sign the attached release of liability waiver before participating*. Please email me a completed copy of the waiver in the link below prior to the lesson, or provide me with a hardcopy on the day of the lesson. 

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